Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

The Problem of the Governor and Regional Secretary's Family Becoming an Official, Saiman Said It is of Normal, as long as it does not Break the Rules


(Saiman Pakpahan)(Saiman Pakpahan) -

Pekanbaru - Splashy about the mutation of echelon III and IV officials in the Riau provincial government some time ago, considered a political observer from the University of Riau, Saiman Pakpahan as commonplace. In addition to involving the existence of public officials, also because there are parties who will not be satisfied.

"This condition does not only happen this once, but also before. And not only in the Riau Provincial Government, but almost at all levels of government in Indonesia. Like reshuffle the cabinet at the ministerial level, it has always been an interesting issue in the public sphere," he said. Saiman, Monday (1/13/2020).

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Asked about the political issues of the dynasty that hit the Governor of Riau, Saiman claimed he is disagree. Because if it is viewed from any aspect, the elements are not met. In terms of quantity, the number of family members of the governor and regional secretary who were appointed was less than 5 people from hundreds of ASNs who were appointed in the first wave.

"In terms of quality and conditions, they have also fulfilled the qualifications to occupy the available echelons and have been verified by officials who are competent to manage them. So what else do we want to review and be excited about," Saiman asked.

According to him, mutation becomes problematic, if an inaugurated family does not meet the requirements and qualifications, then is forced to sit in a certain position, then it is against the rules.

"To my knowledge, all ASNs who have been appointed have already paid attention to administrative reasons and legislation governing the conditions for promotion," he said.

Saiman added, mutation is the governor's authority as the leader. Rotation of officials is chosen according to the needs of the organization to help the governor run the wheels of government. So if he chooses people who are trusted to help him, it's normal and very human.

"Just look at the performance first, if it is not good it will be evaluated. If we cannot work and achieve, but we will not be able to do so, we can criticize the governor," he said.

On the other hand Saiman saw the issue of deliberate mutation in framming in such a way by certain parties, to corner the governor. Especially the issue of the governor's wife, which was said to have been installed, even though the wife was not a State Civil Apparatus.

"Unfortunately, the misleading information has already circulated widely in the public sphere. Who is responsible for that?" he said. ***


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