Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

PWI Riau Cares And Sahabat Pondok Ijo Submits 16 Rolls Of Prayer Rugs To Al Furqon Aur Sati Mosque


(PWI Riau Cares And Friends Of Pondok Ijo Gives 16 Prayer Rug Rugs To Al Furqon Aur Sati Mosque)(PWI Riau Cares And Friends Of Pondok Ijo Gives 16 Prayer Rug Rugs To Al Furqon Aur Sati Mosque) -

KAMPAR - Indonesian Association of Journalists (PWI) Riau Peduli handed over 16 rolls of prayer rugs to Al Furqon Mosque, Dusun Lima, Aur Sati Village, Tambang Subdistrict, Kampar Regency, Friday (01/10/2020).

The prayer rug carpet assistance was handed over directly by PWI Riau Chairman H Zulmansyah Sekedang symbolically to the Chairman of the Al Furqon Mosque, Drs Pranayas after the Friday Prayers.

Also attending were Pondok Ijo Martalena owners, Pekanbaru SMANSA alumni and a number of PWI Riau officials including Riau PWI Deputy Treasurer Herlina, Deputy Chairperson of the Riau PWI Tourism Section Rosyita, Deputy Chairperson of the Organization Section Bambang Irawan Syahputra, Deputy Chairperson of the Riau Forestry and Environment Section PWI Zulmiron and Chairman of the Riau Golden Pen Cooperative Ardiansyah MZ Tanjung.

While the caretaker of the Al Furqon Mosque was present H Dictionary, Syamsul Bahar (Advisor), Arilis (Secretary), Muslim (Facilities and Infrastructure Section) and Sarkawi (Education Section).

The Chairman of PWI Riau H Zulmansyah Sekedang said, the PWI Care program is a social program from PWI Riau as the largest journalist organization in Indonesia. Activities carried out include providing assistance to the poor and orphanages and flood victims.

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Specifically for the prayer rug carpet, said Zulmansyah, was an initiative of the Riau Peduli PWI Team and Pondok Ijo Friends. Where before, PWI Riau Cares Team and Friends of Pondok Ijo were moved to see the condition of the prayer rug carpet at the Al Furqon Mosque which was in unfit condition to be used for worship.

"The prayer rug came from donations from fellow management and members of the Riau PWI and Friends of Pondok Ijo. And on this good day or what we know as Barokah Friday, we will submit this assistance to Al Furqon Mosque. And we ask for prayers so that PWI Riau always blessed by the grace, grace and protection of Allah SWT, "said Zulmansyah.

The Chairman of the Al Furqon Mosque Drs Pranayas thanked PWI Riau and Friends of Pondok Ijo for the assistance of this prayer rug. May Allah SWT always grant  merit worth it.

"We thank you for this help. And we are proud to have been visited by the Chairman of the Riau PWI Mr. H Zulmansyah. Hopefully the PWI Riau is always victorious," said Pranayas. ***


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