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Cattle Breeder Group in Bengkalis Receives Assistance by Ministry of Agriculture


(Bengkalis farmer groups can help cows (photo / ist))(Bengkalis farmer groups can help cows (photo / ist)) -

BENGKALIS- Cattle raiser in Bengkalis Regency have the opportunity to develop cattle with new kind . Namely, Coastal Race cows are distributed by the Directorate of Breeding and Production (Bipro) of the Livestock Feed and Breeding Center (BPTU HPT) Sembawa, Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) of the Republic of Indonesia, on 3-7 December 2019.

In an effort to increase livestock population and productivity, it is necessary to develop ruminants or beef cattle breeders through the addition of local breed cattle.

In Riau Province, based on the results of verification, assigning farmer groups or recipient farmers to Bengkalis Regency, namely the Sabar Jaya Group, the Chairman of the Farmers Group, Sabari addresses Pasiran Village, Bantan District, the number of cattle is 10, and the Prosperous Economic Farmer Group, Group Leader, Abdul Manaf, the address is in Perapat Tunggal Village, Bengkalis District and also 10 cows.

In accordance with technical guidelines (technical guidelines), the development of ruminant cattle through the addition of local broodstock cows, farmer groups or breeders are required to report periodically and tiered development activities in accordance with established technical guidelines, based on PPKMENBPTU-HPT Sembawa Decree Number 02001 / Kpts / PK.210 / F2.D / 09/2019 dated 2 September 2019 concerning the determination of recipients of beef ruminant development activities through the addition of local broodstock cows in 2019.

Coastal race cattle which will be developed from the BPTU HPT Sembawa Directorate of Bipro in 2019, at least 2 years old are seen from the teeth by medical personnel.

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Acting Head (Acting) Head of the Department of Agriculture (Distan) Bengkalis Regency, Tarmizi, S.P, M.Sc through the Head of Division (Head) of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (Keswan), Ir. Amri Noer said that assistance from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture in the form of Coastal Race in 2019 was given to two groups of livestock in Bantan and Bengkalis Districts.

With the help of the Coastal Beef cattle, it is hoped that breeders can maintain them well, because this aid is the first aid aimed at Bengkalis Regency and is the forerunner to the development of Coastal Race cows in Bengkalis Regency.


Coastal Cattle according to Amri Noer, also known as being very resistant to diseases, especially Jembrana, has been a scourge for many Balinese cattle breeders in Bengkalis Regency, which is approximately 94% of the total cattle population in this area.

"Therefore, with the presence of Coastal Race Cow, it is expected to become a stronghold for the spread of Jembrana disease owned by residents of the cattle in this area. And breeders really take good care of it, to be developed in this area," he said, Sunday (8/12 / 19) afternoon.

Meanwhile, drh Yumoko Ginto, Head of Technical Services Section of the BPTU HPT Sembawa Directorate of Bipro, asked Bengkalis Regency through the relevant regional apparatus (PD) to be able to provide guidance and report the development of Coastal Ras cattle assistance to the two farmer groups.

"In order to monitor the development of this aid cow in the community, so it can be an evaluation material whether or not this Coastal Race cow is to be developed in Bengkalis," he said. (click / hari)

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