Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Bengkalis Police Criminal Investigation Investigated the Crime Scene of Land Fire of 2 Hectare in Sungai Limau Hamlet


(Forest and land Fire (photo / illustration))(Forest and land Fire (photo / illustration)) -

BENGKALIS - Criminal Investigation Unit (Bengkreskrim) Bengkalis Regional Police conducts the checking and processing of the crime scene (TKP) of forest and land fires (Karhutla) 30 November 2019 ago, on Limau Darat Road, Sungai Limau Hamlet, Kembung Luar Village, Bantan District, Regency Bengkalis, Tuesday (3/12/19) yesterday.

The checking and processing of the crime scene was immediately led by Kasat Reskrim AKP Andrie Setiawan, SIK.

Then, the results of the checking and processing of the crime scene officers found a resident named Jumadi who carried out the cultivation of crops.

"Jumadi grows crops by burning the soil where the plants are first for fertility, then planting is done. That method has been done Jumadi for about 6 months on an area of ??about 2 hectares and is known by the border of the land called Sabar," said AKP Head of Staff Andre Setiawan through Kasubagag Humalis Bengkalis Police Iptu Buha Purba, Wednesday 4 December 2019.

"Officers take soil samples, wood used to burn on land owned by Jumadi to suffice evidence including plant samples on land burnt," he concluded. (R24 / Hari)


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