Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Vice Regent of Kuansing, Halim Strengthened Hospitality with the Koto Rajo Community, Kuantan Hilir


Vice Regent Kuansing, Halim during a visit to Koto Rajo Kuantan HilirVice Regent Kuansing, Halim during a visit to Koto Rajo Kuantan Hilir -

Strengthening friendly relations with the community in Kuantan Singingi District (Kuansing), the Vice Regent of Kuansing Halim visited Keg Rajo District, Kuantan Hilir Seberang District, Thursday, November 28, 2019.

The presence of Vice Regent Kuansing was welcomed by community leaders, religious leaders, traditional leaders, youth leaders, and the Koto Rajo community, which was accompanied by Rebana chanting by the Rebana Uswatun Hasana Group, which went directly to the Al-Ikhlas Mosque in the Koto Rajo Village.

Datuk Penghulu Mudo Kenegerian Koto Rajo, in his speech hoped that the people in Kenegerian Koto Rajo would be united and build Koto Rajo in the future.

"Here we urge all those present, to be wise  that Mr. Halim has agreed to attend, and to spend time together with us. People like Mr. Halim are the future leaders we hope for," he said.

While Vice Regent H. Halim said, the role of the Government in maintaining harmony among religious communities is very important. The Role of Religious Leaders and Community Leaders is needed, in the midst of the rapid advancement of technology today.

He explained, Harmonization of religious and community life in Kuansing, could not be realized without being together. Therefore, I continue to approach the community, both as a government and personally, by holding various meetings involving religious leaders, community leaders and leaders of Religious Organizations, so that all forms of problems that lead to division or conflict can be neutralized as early as possible.

"We invite community leaders, religious leaders and the community to jointly maintain the togetherness and integrity of others, all negative utterances and make us divided, behaviors and attitudes that can cause injury to our fellow brothers, we must avoid," he said.

In addition, Halim also felt sorry for the economy experienced by the community today, which is below the poverty line starting from upstream to downstream, he felt sorry for the economy experienced by the community at this time.

"We are sorry for the conditions experienced by the community at this time, in addition to being concerned about education and economic problems, and let us together build Kuansing to be better going forward, with economic improvement programs that I want to apply to the community later," he concluded.

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