Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Amazing! Trash Can Be Change into Refined Fuel Oil (BBM)



The Center for Chemistry and Packaging, a unit of research and development institutions or R&D under the Industrial Research and Development Agency or BPPI Ministry of Industry in Jakarta, has been conducting research into the management of polyethylene plastic waste types or plastic bags since 2009.

The strategic step taken is to convert plastic waste into more useful complications through the pyrolysis process.

"In the pyrolysis process, plastic waste will be converted into liquid and gas phase, as well as residue in the solid form. Non-condensed gas is also expected to be used as fuel, "said the Head of the BPPI of the Ministry of Industry, Ngakan Timur Antara, as obtained from his statement, Friday, September 27, 2019.

Ngakan hopes, that the results of the R&D can help the government's efforts in overcoming the problem of plastic waste. Based on the World Bank report What a Waste 2.0, published in 2018, said that Indonesia produces a large amount of waste in the world with a volume reaching 3.22 million metric tons per year. Therefore, the government is targeting to reduce plastic waste by up to 70 percent by 2025.

"To solve the problem of plastic waste, many people think that the easiest way is through the combustion process. In fact, this method is not correct. Burnt plastic waste, containing greenhouse gases, even diosxin and furan substances, which by WHO (World Health Organization) has been designated as a gas that triggers cancer in humans (carcinogenic), "he explained.


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