Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020

Ini Arti Kemunculan Harimau Bagi Warga Desa Pekaitan Rokan Hilir


Illustration of tiger mythIllustration of tiger myth - The appearance of the Sumatran Tiger is interpreted mostly by the people of Riau. Some say as a sign, bad luck and so on.

Become a citizen of Pekaitan Village in Rokan Hilir. This trust was witnessed firsthand by the Head of the Region II Region of the Riau Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA), Heru Sukmantoro, Thursday, September 5, 2019 when asking for reports of residents seeing tigers.

One of the residents of Pekaitan Tarmizi Village saw a tiger crossing in front of him Thursday, August 22, 2019 at 23:00 WIB then the tiger was moved to the direction of the bush bush.

According to his testimony, the villagers interpreted the tiger sightings as a warning or saw firsthand the picture of the supported animal.

"According to villagers (Pekaitan), the Sumatran Tiger is believed to be a warning to residents," said Heru.

Reprimand is so that people do not do bad deeds, despicable and rejected by religion. In addition, tiger sightings are also interpreted as signs and omens for the community. Could be a sign of bad luck also benefits.

"Besides, the sighting of a tiger is interpreted as a sign. It is easy that something undesirable does not occur in the village," he added.

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